CoinPay services will be discontinued after December 31, 2017:

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Pricing & Fees

No, you continue pricing your products in your normal currency, such as THB, USD, EUR, our system will automatically handle the exchange to Bitcoins.

If you are selling a product for 549THB and a customer pays using Bitcoins, you will still receive exactly 549THB into your bank account

We exchange Bitcoins at a rate which is slightly lower than international exchange rates. This difference in exchange rate is normally around 1.5% and is passed onto the payer and not to the merchant. This difference in exchange rates allow us make a profit, while the merchant still gets paid the full amount.

Note that only when using the "Printable Sign" service this exchange rate difference will be passed onto the merchant.


Currently no. With Bitcoins all sales are final and irreversible, at this time we do not offer the ability to refund orders. If you wish to refund a customer you would need to transfer money to them, send them bitcoins or issue them with a store credit (outside of our merchant system).

We are considering how to implement a refund system in the future.

We process payments on Monday and Friday, on these days we will send a bank transfer for your entire balance.
You must have at least 500THB in order for us to process a bank transfer, if your balance is below 500THB then the balance will be carried over onto the next payment instead, until the balance is over 500THB.

About Us

CoinPay is operated by Bitcoin Co. Ltd. ( Bitcoin Co. Ltd. has been serving the Bitcoin community in Thailand since 2013, and also runs the only full exchange market place in Thailand.

With CoinPay we transfer your full balance to your bank twice a week, so you only need to trust us with a few days worth of sales at a time.

Bitcoin Co. Ltd. has been operating since 2013 and if you research us you will find lots of good reviews.

At people trust us to hold many million of Baht worth of Bitcoin and cash, and we have never let anyone down.

Shopping Carts

You will need to contact a developer with experience working on your shopping cart software.

They will be able to create you a payment module to link with our system using our API.